I finally decided to improve this site! I'm getting rid of the default theme and making it a bit more interesting, making it more coder friendly.  

I've chosen the Wazi Habari theme to work off of. It's simple, and brings content to the forefront.  That said, it's lacking in a decent sidebar, social header, decent footer, and a search system.  So I'm cannibalizing parts of the Charcoal theme, which I've done already with the menu up top. I did rip out the Charcoal search, though it needs to be seriously reformated. I also need to rework the search result page.  

Another reason I like this theme is that it actually has page numbers.  You can more easily navigate between previous posts instead of having to hit back many times until you get to where you want.   

The new code block color scheme is based off of the Sublime Text  base16-eighties-dark, and will be undergoing more work.  As a coder I'll try to make the code block a little more useful than it is.  I've at least made sure the page expands a bit more to make room for the content.  I'm also using the monospace font stack from CSS-Tricks.  

I'm trying to make this site more modern and clean, bringing the content to attention.   This means I have to improve the formatting of the content, and possibly make some tools to help me with that.  

The changes you see thus far are in alpha, please feel free to give me feedback on the direction of this site. :) 


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You can see the result of the broken sidebar on the resume page, it doesn't stay in it's own column and sort of wraps around the content.

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