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Unreal Engine Hotkeys

Here you can see some of  the default hotkeys. Abbreviations are as follows. Right Mouse Button : RMB. Left Mouse Button : LMB. Middle Mouse Button : MMB.  If you are looking for something else, look through the docs. If you are having trouble with something, you can hit up /r/unrealengine or the UE4 AnswerHub. You can also look through and edit your Unreal Engine bindings in the Keybindings Editor, see Edit > Editor Preferences > General > Keyboard Shortcuts. See links below for main documentation:



Keybindings Editor: link
Viewport Controls: link
Blueprint Editor: link1 link2




LMB Select actor under cursor, replacing selection.
Ctrl + LMB Add / Remove actor under cursor to selection.
Shift + LMB Add actor under cursor to selection.
ESC Clears selection.
TILDE Toggles command console.
RMB + Drag Forward / Backward

Rotate camera up / down.

RMB + Drag Left / Right

Rotate camera left / right.

( RMB + W ) | Numpad8 | Up

Move camera forward.

( RMB + S ) | Numpad2 | Down

Move camera backward.

( RMB + A ) | Numpad4 | Left

Move camera left.

( RMB + D ) | Numpad6 | Right

Move camera right.

( RMB + E ) | Numpad9 | Page Up

Move camera up.

( RMB + Q ) | Numpad7 | Page Dn

Move camera down.

( RMB + C ) | Numpad3

Zoom camera in.

( RMB + Z ) | Numpad1

Zoom camera out.

LMB + Drag Forward/Backward

Move camera forward /backward

LMB + Drag Left/Right

Rotate camera left /right

LMB + RMB + Drag

Move camera up /down

Orthographic ( Top | Front | Side )
LMB + Drag Creates selection box, selects contained actors, replacing selection.
Shift + LMB + Drag Add actors in selection box to selection.
Ctrl + Alt + Drag Remove actors in selection box from selection.
RMB + Drag Pan camera.
LMB + RMB + Drag Zoom camera in /out.

Focus camera on selected object or group.

Camera view
Alt + G

Perspective camera.

Alt + K

Side camera.

Alt + J

Top camera.

Actor Manipulation
Space Toggle between ( Translate | Rotate | Scale ), see toolbar for selection.
W Selects Move tool.
E Selects Rotate tool.
R Selects Scale tool.
V Toggles vertex snapping.
LMB + Transform Axis + Drag Transforms selected actors depending on active tool.
Perspective (scale works evenly on all axes, rotate/move works as expected)
Ctrl + LMB + Drag Transform selected actor(s) along the x-axis.
Ctrl + RMB + Drag Transform selected actor(s) along the y-axis.
Ctrl + LMB + RMB + Drag Transform selected actor/s along the z-axis.
Ctrl + LMB + Drag Transform selected actor(s) along the view plane axis.
Ctrl + RMB + Drag Rotate selected actor(s) along the view plane axis.
G Toggles Game Mode rendering.
Ctrl + R Toggles real-time playback.
F11 Toggles Fullscreen.

Sources: Unreal Engine Docs, and from testing in Unreal Engine 4.7.2. Inspiration for this post comes from ivilus's post on reddit; I was surprised people were coming to reddit because they couldn't find Unreal Engine hotkeys. I hope this post helps in solving that problem.

Note: The formatting for this page is still being finalized, so some things may be moved around a little. I'll also be adding more default shortcuts.

I saw an offer I couldn't refuse on reddit, a PowerPC (PPC) Mac Mini and Logitech mouse and keyboard used for $100. After a week of mulling the idea over, I had to have it.

Mac Mini PPC w/ Logitech keyboard and mouse

It came with OS X 10.5.6 which was upgradeable to 10.5.8. However, to get the partition setup I wanted, I had to reformat. This meant going back to 10.4 since I don't have the 10.5 disks. I'm installing Debian 7.7 now, since that's been updated in 2014. The machine only has 512MB of RAM, so I'll be looking to upgrade that. And might throw in an SSD so it doesn't drive me too insane.

Reasons for buying this are getting experience with the PPC architecture (diminishing returns, I realize, with this type of CPU being phased out). Also, getting more experience with OS X, since I've previously only developed for iOS (worked on OS X, but not for it). Why'd I'd want "experience" with PPC is because it's different from x86, different endianness, performance characteristics, etc.. This allows me to test my programs across a wider variety of platforms and architectures.

Who knows if I'll have time in the coming months to work much with it (working full-time on Star Citizen and all), but I'm sure I'll have some fun with it eventually. :)


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I finally decided to improve this site! I'm getting rid of the default theme and making it a bit more interesting, making it more coder friendly.  

I've chosen the Wazi Habari theme to work off of. It's simple, and brings content to the forefront.  That said, it's lacking in a decent sidebar, social header, decent footer, and a search system.  So I'm cannibalizing parts of the Charcoal theme, which I've done already with the menu up top. I did rip out the Charcoal search, though it needs to be seriously reformated. I also need to rework the search result page.  

Another reason I like this theme is that it actually has page numbers.  You can more easily navigate between previous posts instead of having to hit back many times until you get to where you want.   

The new code block color scheme is based off of the Sublime Text  base16-eighties-dark, and will be undergoing more work.  As a coder I'll try to make the code block a little more useful than it is.  I've at least made sure the page expands a bit more to make room for the content.  I'm also using the monospace font stack from CSS-Tricks.  

I'm trying to make this site more modern and clean, bringing the content to attention.   This means I have to improve the formatting of the content, and possibly make some tools to help me with that.  

The changes you see thus far are in alpha, please feel free to give me feedback on the direction of this site. :) 


I figure since I posted about my last company, IllFonic deserves of it's own recognition.

IllFonic was for a while a small startup company that's been around since 2007, having it's ups and downs as their publisher and partner, THQ, went under.  They've been trying to find their place in the industry since, and I'm happy to say I'm lucky to be here.  Nothing is announced yet, but IllFonic has been working on a number of contracts and has steadily grown from about 10 to 40 people in a year!  This company is going places, as shown by their skilled use of CryENGINE that attracts contractors.   

I'm a mid-level gameplay programmer, and only time will tell what other cool things I'll get to work on while I'm here.  Because I think it's safe to say, even the founders have been surprised at what has come their way.  

This site is running Habari, a state-of-the-art publishing platform! Habari is a community-driven project created and supported by people from all over the world. Please visit http://habariproject.org/ to find out more!

I'm sorry about the links still being down, I've just been super busy with work, doing 12 hour days for the last 2 weeks, even having to work last weekend. I do really want to try to kick start this blog, though it's not going to happen over night. It will be a process that I need to ease into, to try to become a better blogger, and become more efficient at it. I also need to try to become a better writer, invest more time in my posts, simplifying them and trying not to be too verbose. Anyway, I have lots to do, and the blog is sort of a last priority, given I want to work with Irrlicht and have some time to play video games and relax when I can find the time.

Anyway, I've updated my most popular programming posts to use Google Code Prettify, the other ones will be cleaned up at some point. On those same posts I've struck out the downloads since they're no longer available. I will be going back and updating this popular posts to use my most up-to-date knowledge, though I will leave a few in tact for historical reasons, like the original Vector2 post (though I would like to put my new improved version up so people stumble across that first).

I do hope to have my blog evolve into something greater, so I hope picking to restart with Habari is a sign of that, and that things will only get better.


Mental note: When moving Habari from another directory, I had to make sure to update the htaccess file, as shown here. My RewriteBase rule was still pointing to the sub directory.