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I'm sorry about the links still being down, I've just been super busy with work, doing 12 hour days for the last 2 weeks, even having to work last weekend. I do really want to try to kick start this blog, though it's not going to happen over night. It will be a process that I need to ease into, to try to become a better blogger, and become more efficient at it. I also need to try to become a better writer, invest more time in my posts, simplifying them and trying not to be too verbose. Anyway, I have lots to do, and the blog is sort of a last priority, given I want to work with Irrlicht and have some time to play video games and relax when I can find the time.

Anyway, I've updated my most popular programming posts to use Google Code Prettify, the other ones will be cleaned up at some point. On those same posts I've struck out the downloads since they're no longer available. I will be going back and updating this popular posts to use my most up-to-date knowledge, though I will leave a few in tact for historical reasons, like the original Vector2 post (though I would like to put my new improved version up so people stumble across that first).

I do hope to have my blog evolve into something greater, so I hope picking to restart with Habari is a sign of that, and that things will only get better.

Cheers, Brian
Mental note: When moving Habari from another directory, I had to make sure to update the htaccess file, as shown here. My RewriteBase rule was still pointing to the sub directory.


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