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Unreal Engine Hotkeys

Here you can see some of  the default hotkeys. Abbreviations are as follows. Right Mouse Button : RMB. Left Mouse Button : LMB. Middle Mouse Button : MMB.  If you are looking for something else, look through the docs. If you are having trouble with something, you can hit up /r/unrealengine or the UE4 AnswerHub. You can also look through and edit your Unreal Engine bindings in the Keybindings Editor, see Edit > Editor Preferences > General > Keyboard Shortcuts. See links below for main documentation:



Keybindings Editor: link
Viewport Controls: link
Blueprint Editor: link1 link2




LMB Select actor under cursor, replacing selection.
Ctrl + LMB Add / Remove actor under cursor to selection.
Shift + LMB Add actor under cursor to selection.
ESC Clears selection.
TILDE Toggles command console.
RMB + Drag Forward / Backward

Rotate camera up / down.

RMB + Drag Left / Right

Rotate camera left / right.

( RMB + W ) | Numpad8 | Up

Move camera forward.

( RMB + S ) | Numpad2 | Down

Move camera backward.

( RMB + A ) | Numpad4 | Left

Move camera left.

( RMB + D ) | Numpad6 | Right

Move camera right.

( RMB + E ) | Numpad9 | Page Up

Move camera up.

( RMB + Q ) | Numpad7 | Page Dn

Move camera down.

( RMB + C ) | Numpad3

Zoom camera in.

( RMB + Z ) | Numpad1

Zoom camera out.

LMB + Drag Forward/Backward

Move camera forward /backward

LMB + Drag Left/Right

Rotate camera left /right

LMB + RMB + Drag

Move camera up /down

Orthographic ( Top | Front | Side )
LMB + Drag Creates selection box, selects contained actors, replacing selection.
Shift + LMB + Drag Add actors in selection box to selection.
Ctrl + Alt + Drag Remove actors in selection box from selection.
RMB + Drag Pan camera.
LMB + RMB + Drag Zoom camera in /out.

Focus camera on selected object or group.

Camera view
Alt + G

Perspective camera.

Alt + K

Side camera.

Alt + J

Top camera.

Actor Manipulation
Space Toggle between ( Translate | Rotate | Scale ), see toolbar for selection.
W Selects Move tool.
E Selects Rotate tool.
R Selects Scale tool.
V Toggles vertex snapping.
LMB + Transform Axis + Drag Transforms selected actors depending on active tool.
Perspective (scale works evenly on all axes, rotate/move works as expected)
Ctrl + LMB + Drag Transform selected actor(s) along the x-axis.
Ctrl + RMB + Drag Transform selected actor(s) along the y-axis.
Ctrl + LMB + RMB + Drag Transform selected actor/s along the z-axis.
Ctrl + LMB + Drag Transform selected actor(s) along the view plane axis.
Ctrl + RMB + Drag Rotate selected actor(s) along the view plane axis.
G Toggles Game Mode rendering.
Ctrl + R Toggles real-time playback.
F11 Toggles Fullscreen.

Sources: Unreal Engine Docs, and from testing in Unreal Engine 4.7.2. Inspiration for this post comes from ivilus's post on reddit; I was surprised people were coming to reddit because they couldn't find Unreal Engine hotkeys. I hope this post helps in solving that problem.

Note: The formatting for this page is still being finalized, so some things may be moved around a little. I'll also be adding more default shortcuts.


user icon Steve V.
Hey can you tell me the hotkeys for during gameplay? I've somehow disabled the ability to see debug messages. I can only see them when i press tilda!
user icon Michael
Alt + P toggles play-in-editor.
user icon hazwan Yagami
This speed up my learning experience up 50%. Tengs gais!!!
user icon Pitts
Thanks a ton for this. It's super helpful.
user icon Sebastian
Pressing thew "End" Key , so that the selected object will be moved perfectly to the ground. Very important :D Cheers

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