Thanksgiving Break

Airlines were helllllllllllllllll. >.< I missed every connecting flight I had, and I ended up missing most of the event I was checking out in Washington state. Of course things could have been better prepared for the first flight, but my choices were still limited since Newark only had flights out to Washington that day all in an hour time-span. That weekend was also hell because I didn't get a lot of sleep, one night getting only 4, the next only 3.

But, luckily I got to catch up on my sleep this week a bit. And yes I realize there's, "no such thing as catching up on sleep," but then I'll tell you to go preach somewhere else because I'll tell you otherwise. :p I got at least 15 hours the night after that crazy weekend, and more than 8 for the rest of the week! ^.^

So, I invited Beck Macary over for thanksgiving, and we had a blast hanging out with my cousins! I was especially open that night, explored my sense of humor more than I get to, and had plenty of laughs and good times tonight. Nerf Wars, sparring, food fight, crazyy uno games, lotss of fun, couldn't have gone better!! :] After thinking about it, many of my Rocester friends haven't got to see my crazy sarcastic sense of humor in full action, it was a lot of fun, I even had moments I was laughing at myself! Good times. :)

So, with all that was going on, and catching up on sleep, my one week for thanksgiving break felt waay too short! But at least it was an awesome one, and weekend airline hell aside, it couldn't have gone better!!

Concerning programming stuff, the draft for my new Vector2 post has been sitting in my inbox, waiting to be edited and finished before posting. I'll probably release the post and the source code in the next week, and will get onto making another post with a useful class for game development. I have a busy quarter in for me though, this is basically what my schedule looks like, though it's been changed a little: schedule here. I'll have two game projects I'm working on, though one of them should be semi-finished early in the quarter, and from then on I'll only have one to work on; though I will try to continue work on my Warp game engine, as I plan on using it to develop my own games in the future, besides by expanding it learning other game programming technologies. Fun stufff. (:


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