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I find my life to me quite busy, and there never seems to be enough time in which to complete everything I want to complete. Because of two classes, Computer Graphics 2, and Foundations of 3D, I find I don't have as much free time as I'd like.

I have to work on my ray tracing homework, which I need to rewrite to be multi-threaded, and improve the organization and design of it. I have to work on a project which uses that same ray tracing framework, and add a UI to it. For my 3d project I also need to add a UI. For this other personal project, Upwards, I need to finish the HUD stuff. Also for 3d, I'm working on a multi-threaded server with load-balancing capabilities. I'm also working on my own personal engine Warp, during the process of all of the above. I'm finishing up a Graduate school application for SMU. Also, my gf is staying with me, so I have to take care of her; however, I think she's helping me relieve stress, so I'm really glad she's here. (Thank youu Becky! :O<3 )

On top of it all, my parents want me to use my free time to apply to jobs and try to get my life figured out before I graduate. Um yeah, what free time again? I'm at school, and it's consuming my life, I don't have much time for anything else. Thanks for being loving and considerate though.


There's a lot of stuff I want to add to my Warp engine: a build system like Make, CMake, or something; a pre-processor for putting content into faster loading files and possibly putting them into a single format, maybe even a compressed one; finish designing and upgrading my animation systems and put hardware skinning in place; finish abstracting out the effect system so I can use my DX10 rendering components; debug some DX9 code with a custom texure that wasn't rendering correctly; abstract out the Network interfaces, add some Windows networking components, and hook up some tools to take advantage of it; create the UI (to use on the above projects), and setup debugging tools and other creation tools; finish abstracting the threading interfaces, and start taking advantage of them for main systems; port my multi-threaded load balancing server to Warp; add procedural texture generation; setup the game scene manager, and try to hook up my ray tracer to it; setup scene graphs and other techniques for improving rendering speeds; add a system to handle pre/post processing and saving and indexing buffers, in case effects need to share data so data isn't being rendered twice carelessly; etc.

So, there's a lot of research and development I want to do, as this is an educational endeavor and I love learning new things. Something I've seen a need for, is a bit buffer for the manipulation of bits; I've already started writing one for my huffman coding exercise, though I think if I put it into my engine I'll want to rewrite some things. I also want to look into various techniques for compression, though also even writing a float class that's not just 32 bits, perhaps 24 or even 16 bits; I just have to look more into the storage format and see how much precision I lose by doing this.


FARSCAPE! Frelll this is an awesome show! ;D

On that note, my girlfriend Beck has mentioned the possibility of us working on a Farscape fan game. Turns out there has already been a Farscape game, but from what I gather it sucked. Here's a vid you can check out of the old game: Farscape: The Game gameplay video And here's a page with some reviews: Amazon. [amazon asin=B000067JZB][/amazon] Doesn't seem like the game did very well, or was any good at least. From briefly thinking about it, I'd model the game after Mass Effect or Knights of the Old Republic. After talking about it a little, I figured the player shouldn't be able to play an existing character; the player would get to follow a new character, an addition to Moya. I think I want the game to play out like a Shooter RPG, and leveling up a character and customizing them doesn't make much sense to me on an already developed character.

Anyway, making a Farscape fan game is merely an idea at this point, if not one to help drive the development of my engine. But, if you have comments concerning this "project," please feel free to drop me a line.

[Disclaimer] I'm a fairly new Farscape fan, and still haven't seen all seasons.


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