Hello World!


Is this not a fitting line for the start of a programmer's blog? ;P I know, I know, you must be sick of seeing it by now!

leetNightshade is my alias, and this is my blog. This is my realm. Welcome, visitors.

Okay, so this is the start of my new blog at leetNightshade.com, previously I had a tech blog up at briansport.com, but I have a different vision for that site and domain name. leetNightshade is an alias I came up with from piecing together different names from handle generators, trying to come up with an XBox Live name. I soon discovered that this particular sn isn't really used by anyone, so I claimed it for myself. Google leetNightshade, and you should find me. So unlike my last blog, this one is a personal blog for me, not just a tech blog; so it will include anything and everything I desire to write.

I realized since I'm going to be making a wordpress layout, it would be easy enough to swap in that I shouldn't delay putting wordpress up any longer... so here it is!

I'm currently working on a C++ Project I'll get into more detail about in another post, but the game engine I'm developing is called the Warp Engine. Though I intended this imagery for this engine to be a warp hole, portal, something that takes you to new and interesting places. When I say Warp Engine, I think something from Startrek, which isn't what I intended at all; though I think it still works.

So, I'm on a short break before classes start, here's my schedule. Classes begin September 6th. The above mentioned engine will continue to be worked on as a part of an independent study, and I JUST started to get my motivation back to start programming; though it's not all back yet. But at least I had a spark of motivation!! That's alll that counts, rightt?!1 :)

Okay, stuff to do, later!

(hm, just noticed the font for the temporary layout is kinda smalll....)

Oh, and welcome to the Realm of leetNightshade!


user icon leetnightshade
Hey, I didn't design it! Like I say at the bottom of my blog post, this is a temporary layout. :p
user icon Alice Ernst
Could you please increase the font size so your blog is easier to read? Also, the contrast. Gray on black a little difficult. Thanks!

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