Worked at Singularity 6 on an Unreal Engine 5 powered cozy community sim MMO.

Working with Unreal C++, Blueprint, and rare use of Python. Working on a bit of everything, Interactables, Gatherables, Crafters & Cooking, AutoCrafters, Gardening, Equipables like Axe and Pickaxe & Cooking props, Character Locomotion and Animation, Character Abilities, etc.

For local development I laid our rough foundation for Windows bat scripts for building and running clients and servers, and running with different parameters. After roughly 3 years we finally have a build team that started implementing shared python build scripts for cloud and local building; though people still maintain and use those bat scripts to this day, for better or worse.

I pushed for us to have maintained gameplay specific feature maps for isolated bulk feature testing; prior to this devs were making and breaking maps for their own testing without consideration for helping others test their features.

I pushed for improving debugging and cheats, including strategic use of cvars for run-time testing but also as feature flags, even for emergency use in Live. I spun up and maintained most of the Gameplay Debuggers we had.

When I make How-To docs I strive to make them among the best docs at the studio; I like to try to set an example to encourage others to level theirs up. And vise versa; I can't pretend mine are perfect, but the formatting is good, with anchor links and table of contents, and strategic grouping providing information across a variety of debug systems for each feature.

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