[Discontinued game name here] was to be a freemium city builder with some adventure elements for iOS with heavy social integration.

I was heading up a 2.5D game using Gameloft's 3D engine, hooking in new libs as we needed them for Win32 and iOS, maintaining device builds (making sure iOS project worked on a regular basis with the heavy changes), and I setup a Python driven data pipeline. We were handling gigabytes of data and the pipeline built faster than Ice Age's, which was only using hundreds of megabytes of data. So, I was in charge of systems and tools, and incrementally improving the pipeline as I saw a need. I setup our patching system to be script driven so patching would be quick and relatively easy; up until this project, patching on the Macs was manually and painfully done. I was working on post effects, implemented a lens flare, and working on re-writing our post effects system for easily adding many effects, and so we could enable/disable depending on platform capabilities/performance. I fixed the level editor to work with the newest version of Gameloft's engine, and even setup the game to load a level straight from the level editor using networking.

Unfortunately the game was canceled, so I can't give much details. But I invested a lot of time and effort in it, and want to mention it.

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